Food & Drink

I was the founder of the world’s most northerly chilli farm and set up a food business to market the products we produced. In order to make a success of these fairly harebrained ideas we found there was nothing as important as the images we chose to sell our vision. They represent the customer’s initial contact and their first impression of your brand. They are crucial to the success of any new business. I produce eye-catching images to set food and drink products apart from the competition…attracting attention and creating a point of difference in a crowded market place.

Clients Include: Potts Partnership, Seasoned Pioneers, Las Iguanas, Artisan, Hello Magazine, Thai Taste, Jazz Apples, The Spice Pioneer, J. S. Sainsbury, The Times, Great British Food, Living North, Nomad Snackfoods

I have also had 2 cookbooks published and written and illustrated many articles for national newspapers and magazines.